- My GrooveWrx Story -

An Idea Is Born...

In 2015, I founded GrooveWrx (pronounced GrooveWorks). The path that led me to start this AMAZING part of my life started a few years ago, yet in many ways began back in elementary school! In 6th grade I started to struggle with body issues. I was intimidated by sports and physical activity. I didn't feel good about myself and dreamt of looking like the beautiful, leggy blonde in the Tab commercial (yes, I am a child of the70's/80s!). Once in middle school, I started jazz and tap classes. I enjoyed it enough, but never felt totally comfortable. I didn't have the body or the grace of my fellow dancers and when recital time came around, I always dreaded the unforgiving costumes. Luckily, I later found cheerleading and finally had fun. I was always the bigger, stronger gal holding up the smaller ones who did the flips and kicks, but it was a comfortable place and it worked for a while. Once I went to college and then started a career, I had NO good health or exercise habits and struggled with my weight... and always, always with body image.

In 2003, I left my careeer in advertising/marketing and shifted to being a stay-at-home mom. Parts of that time I loved, some parts were quite difficult. I struggled to find who I was anymore outside of being a mom. Long story short, I finally found much needed solace and escape in fitness and dance. But it took years though for me to move from the back row to the front of my favorite class, BodyJam with Kamate Fitness. Then one day it was suggested that I train to be an instructor. I was initially terrified of the idea, but later decided to go for it... and a whole new world opened up as I began teaching both adults and my true calling, kid's classes (at the age of 40)! I then started to volunteer at the schools, combining dance and character-building themes. I realized there was such a great need for this type of combined programming. So much has changed since I was a kid, but many of the struggles are the same - lack of confidence, stereotypes around gender and race, dealing with friendship conflict, anxiety - and they happen younger and younger. As a mother of two (a son, age 19 and daughter, age 16) I know this to be true. As a parent, I want it to be better for our kids. As an educator, I know we can make a difference. 

Kids are Awesome People!

In the Spring of 2015, I officially launched GrooveWrx and the first GrooveWrx program - The Girl Power WrxShop. I wanted to offer much needed guidance to 5th grade girls during a critical year when they are on the cusp of dealing with issues of middle school, puberty and the ever-daunting tween/teen girl friendships. I loved every minute of offering The Girl Power WrxShop! I enjoyed the smart, insightful things they ask and say, and watching their faces as they discovered things about themselves and each other through our time together. At the request of parents, the program then expanded to include Davis 2nd graders and all grades at Lane (3-5). And new in 2019, I just expanded the program yet again to what is now called Youth Power, offering the same programming for both girls AND boys!!

I am also so proud to partner with Winnie Callahan, Co-Owner of Callahan's Karate to offer free Physical Empowerment and Self-Defense workshops for Women and Teens in the community. This is a mission that is very personal to Winnie and I. We offer events throughout the year and to community groups and schools upon request. I am currently working towards earning my 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate in 2023! 

What's Next..

I also took a new step toward education with a new role in 2019! I currently work full-time at John Glenn Middle School, serving as a Teaching Assistant in Special Education. It's a wonderful, rewarding important, and difficult role!! I learn every day, and am fueled by amazing kids, support of my fellow teachers and staff, my family and friends and the community of Bedford that I am thankful we chose as our home over 20 years ago.

There is much we can offer our children to make them feel valued, safe, unique and confident -- and to teach them to embrace and appreciate empathy, diversity and the value of cooperation and friendship.

But there is always more to be done!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, requests or feedback on GrooveWrx programs!

Yours truly,

Jennifer Buckley

Founder, GrooveWrx, LLC