GrooveWrx Fitness Friends (GFF)

Some kids need individual attention in order to enjoy exercise! Sometimes a group setting is daunting, or they can't find an activity that's right for them or they just need to build some physical confidence to enjoy exercise at all. I customize a program based on individual learning ability, personal interests and activity level.

My goals are simple - to help kids enjoy exercise as a part of life (not a chore), to help them feel empowered and strong. My goal is also to introduce them to different types of activities so they build the confidence to try something new - beyond their time with me.

I particularly enjoy working with kids who enjoy dance (or want to try!) or already take dance classes and want a little extra practice or help, or coaching on choreography.

Whatever the scenario, our Fitness Friend time is a team effort. Whether it's dance, or cardio drills or outdoor fun, we exercise together. I enjoy getting to know them, and if I'm doing my job right, we just have a great time being "GFF's"!

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